5 Essential Non-Photography Items Every Street Photographer Needs

You’ve got everything you need for a productive day of shooting in the city: Camera, lenses, filters, cleaning kit, SD cards, etc.  You’re all set.  Or are you?  Sure, we’ve all thumbed through the photo gear catalogs and gone through that checklist a million times.  But when  it comes to street photography there are a few items that aren’t necessarily made for photographers but that might come in handy on your next shoot.  Below are five non-photography items that you might not want to overlook.

1.  Portable Charging Device 

You may think that being in the city, especially a city like New York, you can certainly find an outlet somewhere for you to recharge.  I mean, isn’t there a Starbucks on every corner now?  But more often than not you’re likely to spend more time searching for an available power source than you will actually taking those amazing pictures of yours.  So do yourself and your art a favor and save the hunt for that next great shot.

2.  Spirit Level

Now here’s an incredibly inexpensive tool that you really should not live without.  With this handy gadget you can make sure all your horizons are level before you take the shot and avoid all that time straightening them out in Photoshop.

3.  Smartphone

Now here’s something you might already have but the reason I included this essential item is not so much for the item itself but all the cool apps you can use on your shoot.  In the city mobility is key and while you can take a cab when going from one location to another, you might want to save some cash and take advantage of public transportation.  One of my favorite apps for this is Embark. They have a transit app for several major cities including London.  A smartphone also allows you to check the weather, map out your photo walk, or find a good place to break for lunch.  As a photographer you really need to keep your focus on your subject and having a smartphone handy is a little like having a personal assistant.

4.  Lightweight Water Bottle

Again, you could simply make your way to the nearest convenience store, but when you’re in a groove and you know that if you put that camera down even for a second you could miss capturing something beautiful.  Bring one of these along next time and see exactly how much time you’ll save.

5.  Travel Plug Adapter 

If you’re anything like me, staying put in your own wonderful city, sometimes just isn’t enough.  Therefore, a Travel Plug Adapter is a must when going abroad for that ever elusive change of scenery.  You would be surprised at how many times this handy little gadget is forgotten.


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