Canon 6D vs. Nikon D600: Two Approaches to Entry-Level Full Frame

I apparently spoke too soon with my post last week about full-frame entrants pushing the once-prized upmarket sensor size down the path toward becoming the “new normal,” as it had historically been throughout much of film era. The news just keeps coming. Fujifilm openly discussed interest in full-frame this week, and Leica for the first time introduced […]

The New Full Frames, In Stock!

We now have the complete selection of available Full-Frame flagships from Nikon and Canon! The Nikon D4 kit is available for rent at these rates: 1 day – $115; add’l day – $90; wknd – $145; week – $350 The Canon 5D Mark III kit is available for rent at these rates: 1 day – $80; add’l day – $65; wknd – […]

The Full-Frame Future is Upon Us: Nikon D600 & Sony’s SLT-A99, RX1, NEX-VG900

A Very Big Year for Full-Frame 2012 has seen a full revamping of the entirety of the traditional Canon and Nikon full-frame product lines. Those two companies have throughout the modern digital era lobbed back-and-forth assaults on one another in two categories: all-purpose models like the D800/D800E and 5D Mark III in the $3000-$3500 range, […]

Camera Shootout: Sony RX-1r vs. Fuji X-E1 at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Recently, I was lucky enough to be accompanied by Jerred Sanusi, ARC’s Director of Operations, for this experiment, where we tested out the Sony R-X1r against the Fuji X-E1.  For our setting we chose the Metropolitan Museum of Art because, A) It’s just an amazing place to visit and B) It was seriously cold that […]

ARCommunity #FF: Laura Hudock, Director of Photography

This week’s Featured Filmmaker #FF is Laura Hudock whom I had the great pleasure of meeting a couple weeks back. ARC:  You rented from us recently. Laura Hudock:   Yes. The equipment rental was for a feature documentary called Jamaica Man.  It’s about an 80 year old eccentric Englishman named Nigel who has lived down […]

SMPTE-NY April 2013 Meeting: Digital Cinema Lenses & Technology

Guest blogger Steven E. Landon-Smyth reports on “Cinema Lenses and the Technology for a New Breed of Digital Cinema Cameras”

NABshow Wrap Up: Cameras

4k (or, UltraHD) cemented itself as more than just hype at this year’s NAB. Our wrap up will examine how each element of the imagemaking process advanced this year. Today: cameras.

NABshow Wrap Up: Lenses

Our NAB wrap up will examine how each element of the imagemaking process advanced this year, and we’ll do it installments. First up: lenses.

2012 Highlights in Video Tech

With manufacturers’ hands revealed, we can comfortably take stock of the trends and legacy of this momentous year for filmmakers. Sony FS700 – Slo-mo for the rest of us High framerate HD has long been the domain of luxury car-priced specialty cameras like the Phantom Miro. Sony changed this with its sub-$10,000 FS700 super 35mm […]

Nikon and Think Tank Demo Day Thursday 6/14

Nikon and Think Tank will be in the Adorama Pro Imaging section of our NYC store tomorrow, Thursday, June 14th, from 1-6PM. Nikon will be answering questions about its D800 and D4 cameras and giving customers hands on experience with the new full frames. Think Tank will be showing off its latest camera bags, cases […]