Alexa XR/XT World’s First ProRes 4444 XQ Capable Camera

Support for Apple ProRes 4444 XQ in ALEXA XR/XT cameras in Software Update Packet SUP 10

“Working with ProRes has been great for our customers,” says Marc Shipman-Mueller, ARRI’s Product Manager for Camera Systems. “Up until now, the ProRes 4444 330 Mb/s version has been the workhorse of professional filmmakers using the ALEXA. ProRes 4444 XQ has a higher target data rate of 500 Mb/s that makes it the ideal choice for postproduction that requires visual effects processing or extreme color grading.”

“ProRes 4444 XQ is a fantastic choice for high-end mastering and archiving,” says Henning Rädlein, ARRI’s Head of Digital Workflow Solutions. “ProRes 4444 XQ offers 12-bit RGB encoding with a low compression ratio of 1:4.5 that maintains the superior tonal range of Log C, while providing the speed, ease of use and familiarity of ProRes. The addition of ProRes 4444 XQ continues the ALEXA tradition of letting you choose the recording format that best matches your post workflow, distribution format, and budget.”

Final Cut Pro version 10.1.2 fully supports ProRes 4444 XQ for editing, compositing, rendering, and exporting. ARRI ALEXA XT cameras and ALEXA Classic cameras with the XR Module will gain ProRes 4444 XQ capability with ARRI’s Software Update Packet SUP 10, which is scheduled for an open beta in July and a final release in August. ALEXA XR/XT cameras will support ProRes 4444 XQ in both HD and 2K resolutions. The ALEXA XR/XT cameras will be the world’s first cameras capable of encoding ProRes 4444 XQ. (via)

Check out this great video of the Alexa XR/XT in action:

ALEXA Software Update Packet SUP 10.0 Preview

Customers will benefit from the following features:

180º Image Rotation
This feature rotates the image 180º in the viewfinder, on REC OUT and MON OUT and sets a metadata flag. The recorded image is not rotated, but can be easily rotated in almost all post software, with some rotating even automatically based on the metadata flag (like the ARRIRAW Converter or Codex software). This feature allows Steadicam operators to quickly grab a low perspective when flipping the Steadicam upside down. It also supports the ARRI Ultra Wide Zoom UWZ 9.5 – 18 mm lens, since the image is rotated 180º in relation to what most other lenses deliver.

This feature brings back a clean REC OUT for those modes where in the past the REC OUT became a MON OUT clone. These modes include high speed, ProRes 2K, 4:3 and Open Gate.

Fast Switch Between Regular and High Speed
Switching from regular speed (0.75 to 60 fps) to high speed (60 to 120 fps) currently takes about 40 seconds – an eternity when the entire cast and crew are ready for the next take. This switching procedure will be optimized for a quicker turnaround. (and more)

Rent the Arri Alexa XT today and let us know how this new update has helped your workflow experience.

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