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As part of our “Get Featured” series with our ARCommunity we spoke with director of photography, Jon Kline, who was executive DP as well as director of photography for a portion of the 551 project. With the help of Flipeleven, 5 bands came together to make 5 music videos in just one weekend. “Everything was donated” Kline explains, it was “a really positive bunch of people and really cool vibe. Everyone wanted to be there because they wanted to work on something fun and creative.”

Working with a limited amount of space and equipment, Jon coordinated each team, making sure all equipment went to the corresponding set and crew. A task which proved to be quite challenging according to Kline, “Because it was all happening at once, my first role was just making sure each team had what they needed at the right time.”

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There were a variety of bands and artists involved, so Jon and his team wanted the videos should reflect that. “Part of the reason we went with the cinematographers we did was that we didn’t want these [music videos] to feel like they were all the same. We’re already talking about similar equipment and the same studio space; if you don’t have a fresh eye they’d risk looking the same. So a big part of our effort was in keeping that variety.”

The result is, in fact, a wonderful array of musicians, artists, and filmmakers coming together in a tremendous effort to bring this project to light. Using two sound studios, courtesy of RDI Stages in Milwaukee and a bus load of volunteers and extras (including non-other than the Milwaukee Ballet) the 551project was a huge success.

Check out these great Behind-the-Scenes clips:

Directed by Kyle Buckley and Andi Woodward
Director of Photography Jon Kline
Shot on: RED Epic, BMCC, BMPCC

Directed by Betty Allen
Director of Photography William Ball
Shot on: BMCC

Directed by Kate Pociask and Andi Woodward
Director of Photography Jon Kline
Shot on: RED Epic, BMCC

Directed by Michael Marten
Director of Photography Quinn Hester
Shot on: Sony FS700

Directed by T.C. DeWitt
Director of Photography Jordan Post
Shot on: BMPCC
To learn more about this project, check out their awesome site at where you can see all five music videos. And don’t forget to give them a “like” on Facebook.

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