ARCommunity: Slates For Sarah Made It to the Oscars

“On February 20, 27-year-old assistant cameraperson, Sarah Jones was killed in a train accident near Savannah, Georgia, on the set of the film MIDNIGHT RIDER. The accident also injured half a dozen crew.  Sarah’s death has resonated with tens of thousands of filmmakers from around the world and spurred a rallying cry for greater on-set safety, [Slates For Sarah].”  – By The Academy “Sarah Jones Remembered”  Read the full article here

“Eric Henson, one of the people who helped start Slates for Sarah, worked in the camera department with Jones on two seasons of “The Vampire Diaries,” as well as a few movies. The two became friends after meeting on set five years ago, when Jones moved to Atlanta, he said.

Henson was on the set of “The Vampire Diaries” when the crew learned about her death, just hours after it had happened. He said the producer wrapped after they heard the news.” – By Christina Zdanowicz, CNN “Film crew workers’ tragic death prompts Hollywood movement”

On Sunday, March 2nd, the Slates For Sarah Ribbon made it to the Oscars when these six men were brave enough to wear the ribbon as they accepted their award.


The Academy also paid a small tribute to Sarah Jones with this small tribute to Sarah:


Other Academy Award Winners have also advocated for Sarah’s cause. –Oscar-Winning DP Haskell Wexler Backs Sarah Jones In Memoriam Campaign, Calls For Safer Sets In Open Letter

The good news is that many, like Haskell Wexler, have come together to turn this tragedy into a positive movement.  Pledge to Sarah proclaims:

“No one should ever die making a movie.

This is not about crews, or cast, or production, or us, or them. It’s about everyone on a production. Be safe and be aware. No exceptions. Safety is the responsibility we accept every time we step on a set and it only works if we all have each other’s backs – because no one wants to have to explain to a friend’s loved one why they didn’t speak up.

You have the power. We have the power. Together we have strength and together we can make sure that everyone gets home safely at the end of every day.”


Be safe, everyone.

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