ARCoverage: A Hands-On Experience @ Photoville

It has been great fun attending this year and even more so being able to share the festival with my fellow image-makers.  I certainly can’t wait to get back into the mix of it all tomorrow when the container doors open once again.  But just to make sure you don’t miss the full experience, here are a few installations and workshops you really shouldn’t miss.

Participate:  Whether you are present or not you can still be a part of Photoville.  Just stop by The Depository Of Unwanted Photographs or submit your photograph via e-mail to receivables[at]unwantedphotographs[dot]org and add to the lot of rejected images that are filed away in this container.  A wonderful innovation by photographer, Pete Brooke, who dares to ask the question:  “What is your worst photo?”

Give:  …of your time and attention to the Project Amelia gallery.  Read her story and see beautiful images of her valiant struggle with breast cancer.  They have canvas bags and prints for sale as well as a fundraising page via GiveForward.  All donations go to Amelia’s medical bills.

Pose:  Experience one of the oldest kinds of photography processes and walk away with a memorable treasure at a discounted price when you visit The Penumbra Foundation’s Tintype Portrait Booth.  

Create:  Bushwick Community Darkroom has gum printing demos on the weekends during Photoville.  Don’t miss your chance this weekend in the early afternoons.

I look forward to seeing you all there.

Penumbra Foundation’s Tintype Portrait Booth

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