BMPCC Firmware Update 1.9.3

Great new update for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera fans: Firmware update 1.9.3 from Blackmagic Design has recently added a histogram feature.  This is great news as it was a feature we’ve truly needed. Time remaining and audio level indicators have also been added which are both quite handy. Although, if you want good audio with any camera, general rule is to go with a mic.  Something like what this guy did will do just fine:

You can use Up and Down to reveal and hide the meters while Left and Right will adjust the aperture of your active MFT lens.

There was a bug where in-camera playback would drop a few frames. That has been fixed now with this update, which is a relief.

These great new features along with the 1.8 update back in June, which allows for more lens compatibility and stabilization support for lenses without switches, are quickly making the BMPCC one of my favorite digital cinema picks to date.

BMPCC firmware update 1.9.3a

What do you think about the BMPCC? Share your thoughts and projects with us in the comments section below.

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