Canon Debuts A New Camera For The Computer Generation


While some folks have been tinkering and toying with their old cameras, Canon dropped a bombshell on photographers everywhere with a new model that combines the the look and feel of a stills camera with the hottest new video capture technology: the RC-470 Still Video Camera.

The RC-470 impresses by eschewing traditional image capture methods: no film, no CF cards, no SD cards or SSDs. Thanks to a proprietary floppy disk technology you can store up to 50 photos per disk. With the advanced models, you can utilize a massive 600K-pixel CCD to capture photos at resolutions up to 400 lines. Canon makes sharing photos with your friends easy thanks to a full color printer peripheral.

Still photography and video together in the same camera. This isn’t just a game changer, it’s a whole new game.


[image scan via Vintage Computing & Gaming]

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