On Music: Masterful Uses in Cinema

In cinema, music can be used just as color, like a filter that tints the story (or stories) with different shades and tints. The great director Wong Kar-wai states that “film music must be visual” and adds “when I hear a song that inspires something visual on me, I record it and put it aside, knowing […]

On Color: Its Role in Cinema and Filmmaking

How much do we know about color? Typically it’s what we learned in school: primary and secondary colors, complementary colors, warm and cool tones, etc. But in photography and video, color can do much more than that. We can add an emotional layer to a scene, story, or picture through colors. I’ve always liked the […]

The Current and Very Messy State of Digital Publishing

The current state of digital publishing looks like an Italian opera or a Mexican telenovela where everybody simultaneously loves and hates one other. While we know there’s almost always a happy ending, we can’t exactly figure out what the outcome will be. Let’s start with the term multimedia. I have always found this term confusing […]

editoriARC: What’s A Game Changer?

This editoriARC is written by Iain Marcks, a filmmaker and writer living in New York City. All opinions are his own. Have you heard about the MōVI? It’s a hand-held, gyrostabilized camera rig that allows the operator to capture smooth, Steadicam and Technocrane-like movements in situations where a Steadicam or a Technocrane would otherwise be impossible […]