Fashion Week is Almost Here!

Are you excited?  If you’re a photographer, you should be.  Fashion Week is a momentous occasion in NYC.  There are all sorts of events and parties to go to both in and out of Lincoln Center this year.  The festivities are by invitation only but never fear, you can watch it all as it goes down live here:

Feeling a little left out?  Here’s an event open to the public which has grown into an “influential platform for emerging, established and underground street wear brands, boutiques and [musical] artists.”

Street Wear Fashion Week NYC

Another great way to stay in the know during fashion week while on the go is via these:

43 Instagram Accounts That You Need to be Following This Fashion Week

Here’s a great little article from the MBFW website of some interest ARC readers.  It’s a Behind the scenes with Danny Sangra who shot the short below featuring Leandra Medine.

Check out the video:

Don’t forget to check out Adorama’s Fashion Week Events this Thursday!

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