Food Photography Tips: Lighting, Composition & Mood

As in any still-life or product photography, there are essential elements and techniques that will make your food and beverage photography stand out.

The first essential element in food photography is Lighting. I believe that lighting is everything when it comes to food photography. The proper lighting set up is key in setting yourself apart above the amateurs and establishing yourself as a professional.

Here’s a quick video on lighting for food photography from Adorama Pro:

As you can see, lighting is certainly not the only element you need to think about when preparing your subject. Composition is equally important when setting up the perfect shot. There are many ways to approach this element depending on what your end result will be. In the following video we learn 5 basic layouts that will enhance your food photography and help you compose an appealing image.

This next video takes both the elements of lighting and composition to create Mood in your images. By adding and cutting the light just so, this photographer can style an image to mimic any time of day in the studio and essentially tell a story through his images.

Are you a food photographer? What are some of the techniques you use that you feel are essential to your process? Share your thoughts and questions in the comments section below.

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