Happy Winter Solstice!

Tomorrow is the longest night of the year.  It marks the return of the sun and the beginning of the end of winter.  We can look forward to shorter nights and longer days ahead.  With only 9 hours 15 minutes and 15 seconds of daylight tomorrow, why not make the most of the longest night of the year and go out for a night shoot?

We live in the city that never sleeps, there really is no better place to be during the Winter Solstice than New York City.  Why not grab your camera (or pick up one of these babies from ARC) and head over to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and check out a free concert with Make Music NY.  Then make your way over to Central Park’s Belvedere Castle and Explore the Night Sky.  I’m sure there are a million things and places to do and see in and around the city.  So get out there and capture the night while you still can.

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