Japan Camera Hunter Wants to Know What’s In Your Bag

Japan Camera Hunter is the website of one aptly named Bellamy Hunt, a (presumably) English ex-pat living in Tokyo. Bellamy is a literal hunter, that is to say he tracks down cameras for clients who are looking for very specific models. Living in Tokyo, Bellamy deals primarily in used film cameras as the medium is still affordable and widely used in Japan.

“One of the things about Japan is that it has an absolutely amazing selection of camera equipment on hand,” he writes at his blog. “Seriously, you have never seen anything like it. I personally know of over 40 camera stores in Tokyo alone, some of which are completely specialized to one single brand.”

(His shopping guides for Shinjuku, Ginza, and Northern Tokyo are exhaustive, if not comprehensive, and even include the proper etiquette for visiting a shop.)

Bellamy is probably the ultimate camera nerd, and yet “whilst I really love cameras, I always try to keep in mind that they are a tool, a means to producing something better or greater than myself,” he writes. “It is all very well to be wrapped up in cameras, but you must remember to use them.”

And to that end, visitors to the Japan Camera Hunter website can not only find original articles and get information on the little-known Canonet QL17 or the hard-to-find Bronica RF645, they are able to share their own passion for photography with the delightful In Your Bag series. Here the contents of people’s camera bags are artistically arranged and photographed, and these photos are often enlightening not for the kit itself, but for the personal items that go with it: cigarettes, books, journals, eyeglasses, guns, and other bits of ephemera that say so much more about the photographer than the model of camera they prefer.

There are over five hundred entries in this series. Here are five of them, but we recommend spending some quality time at JCH to see the rest:


Sharon Yim, Singapore

What's in My Bag

Joel Mataro, Manila


Adam Constantine, UK


Stephane Bednarek, France


Eddie Eng, Osaka


[All bag photos via their respective photographers; top image via Japan Camera Hunter]

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