Meet Sergei Lupashin’s Flying Pet Camera

Out of the 2011 Russian federal elections controversy emerged an interesting journalistic tool: the Fotokite. By now you’ve likely seen several amazing images where photographers and photo enthusiasts attach a DSLR or a GoPro to some form of remote controlled flying device. As you can imagine they require a great deal of skill and a steady hand to pilot one of these contraptions. However, Sergei Lupashin and his constituents have created “a unique solution for versatile aerial photography. [By] building a safe, intelligent flying camera that anyone can deploy in under a minute.” Take a look at Lupashin’s demonstration at TED’s flagship 30th anniversary conference in Vancouver.


What do you think of the Fotokite? How would you use your flying pet camera and where would you take it? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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