NAB Show Coverage with AdoramaTV and Digital Cinema Society

Every year the NAB Show Convention aims to stimulate our senses by showcasing the latest in filmed entertainment and this year did not disappoint. With amazing announcements like the new GoPro HeroCast, the Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera, the Panasonic DVX200, Cineo MatchBox, and of course, the Arri Alexa Mini. As always there is extensive coverage of everything NAB Show related from a wide array of sources and our friends at the Digital Cinema Society have done a wonderful job reporting from Las Vegas over the past few days. Adorama Rental’s own, Daniel Gurzi, was able to  speak with them about the various products we have to offer.


Panasonic introduced their new, and quite impressive, VariCam 35 at NAB. It has the ability to shoot 4K, 2K and HD simultaneously, and features a modular system so it can adapt to different filmmaking needs.


DJI has been a big show stopper at NAB 2015 with the new Ronin M. A compact, light-weight version of the original Ronin which can carry any rig up to 8 lbs.


Another equally impressive showcase came from Arri, with the new Arri Alexa Mini. But the real buzz at NAB Show 2015 from the folks at Arri was talk about Arri Developing a Camera with Imax which is to be modeled after their Alexa 65 model.

For more NAB Show coverage don’t forget to visit AdoramaTV on YouTube and the Digital Cinema Society’s Streaming page.

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