Need a Camera in a Pinch? Check Out the Canon XA-25

We’d like to take a moment to explain the benefit of our new camera the Canon XA-25 (#CAXA25K).

The biggest benefit of this camera is the ability to record 2 different video formats, MPEG4 and AVCHD/H.264 at 1080/60P.

What does this mean? If you’re recording in Mpeg4 it’s a similar codec to that of the C100. You get 35Mbps of data coming off the sensor, and you can capture up to 60 frames at 1080P.

“Can I edit this with iMovie?” No. To do that, you would need to switch the camera over to AVCHD/H.264 mode, then you record the footage with a .mov wrapper, which is optimized for Quicktime playback. The downside (not really) is that the data stream is now 28Mbps instead of 35. For anyone editing on iMovie, you will not be able to tell the difference.

Other Benefits:

–          20x Optical Zoom with a 1/2.84” CMOS sensor that gives us a Super 35 lens equivalent of 26.8mm-576mm (28.8-576 with Dynamic IS) and an f/stop of 1.8-2.8

–          HDSDI and HDMI outputs

–          Wifi File Transfer

–          3.5” OLED Viewscreen

–          Dual SD card slots for continuous recording

–          Infared Shooting Mode

–          And more


If you ever think “I just need a camera to record something,” this should be your option. This is the easiest camera to use that we carry in our fleet, and they are inexpensive enough to rent as many as you need.

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