New Footage From the BMD Pocket Cinema Camera

Australian cinematographer John Brawley shot some footage of his local farmer’s market with the Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera and used it to make a short video, which is now up on his blog. He has this to say about the experience:

You do get to see what one man can do with a pocket cinema camera and a 12-35 Panasonic m4/3 zoom. I guess for those that like to shoot discretely, guerrilla or documentary style, this will give you a good sense of what you’re going to get.  The same great DR and look has been inherited from the BMCC.

All this footage was shot using the FILM look.   I set my exposure by ETTR and using the 100% zebra to indicate clipping.  I had IS on all the time.  I had a Hoya ND16 on as well to keep me at a slightly nicer stop.  I set the rear monitor to VIDEO and then used focus peaking all the time.

The camera was set to ISO 800, recording ProRes at 25 fps. The footage does look nice–particularly the sequence with the cutler–but has a slightly less cinematic quality than the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, owing to the deeper focus of the PCC’s Super 16-sized sensor. The piece was graded in Resolve by a guy named Captain Hook. (Check out the Captain’s site, which has custom BMCC LUTs available for download.) Brawley promises something more “finished” in the way of a narrative piece, but for now this gives us a pretty good idea of what to expect when the cameras (hopefully) ship in July.

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