Post-NAB Firmware Updates Offer New Life to Older Products

I am quite pleased to see a clear trend of companies injecting additional life into existing products and not only fixing bugs. Take Panasonics GH4 as a prime example. The camera is already 15 months old, a “mature” product in our ever-changing tech world, but with two upcoming firmware updates the company will infuse this widely popular mirrorless system with new mileage.

Other examples abound; last week both Atomos and Convergent Design added a significant number of features to their products. Atomos will be adding Cinema 4K DCI support (4096 x 2160p), Anamorphic de-squeeze and ProRes, DNxHR, CDNG support for Sony FS series RAW, Canon C500 RAW, Arri Alexa RAW and AJA CION RAW. Wow! Convergent Design will be adding the ability to record 4K/UHD at 60fps and 2K/HD at 240fps in Apple ProRes 422 (HQ), 422 or 422 (LT) and will allow customers to create and load custom 3D-LUTs. Video Devices also announced their 4K-capable PIX-E recorders, and Small HD announced a “502 Sidefinder Monitor.” The external monitor/recorder battle is definitively heating up.

Adobe also announced a fresh batch of applications via their Creative Cloud giving a huge push to their existing Speedgrade (videograding) application by adding a new workspace called the “Lumetri color panel” that combines the color science of SpeedGrade CC with Adobe Lightrooms functionality and ease-of-use.

Another firmware update for the GH4 (unfortunately without a release date as of yet) will include a highly requested feature, V-Log. Just like Canon’s C-Log or Sony’s S-Log, Panasonic’s V-Log (which is available on their Varicam and also on the just-announced AG-DVX200) offers a significant advantage to filmmakers with the knowledge, time, and/or budget to grade their projects. I’ve been pretty happy with the “flatness” of Cinelike D, until a couple of weeks ago when I shot a project for Panasonic using V-Log L.

Here’s my quick side-by-side comparison between “Panasonic’s V-Log L vs. Cinelike D” camera profiles.


Eduardo Angel is an independent Technology Consultant, Educator, and Visual Storyteller based in Brooklyn, NY. He currently teaches at The School of Visual Arts and the International Center of Photography, and mentors the photography program at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

He is a co-founder of the idea production company The Digital Distillery, author of popular filmmaking courses on, and regularly shares his thoughts on technology, photography, and cinema on his website


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