Prizmia: Essential New App for GoPro Filmmakers

Calling All GoPro Filmmakers! We know you love GoPro as much as we do, but have you ever imagined doing so much more with it but were limited by its current features? In comes i4software, the creators behind FastCamera, to change all that. What’s more, I was recently contacted by Amanda Toney, Managing Partner at with an amazing opportunity for our readers.

Prizmia: Essential New App for GoPro Filmmakers

by: Amanda Toney

With our community in mind, Stage 32 has partnered with i4software to launch Prizmia for GoPro. Prizmia for GoPro is a real time feature-loaded editing, filters and effects app that wirelessly connects to a filmmaker’s GoPro camera. One major distinguishing feature is its full-screen, real time preview, which can be seen directly on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch while filming with filters and grading effects applied. This innovation greatly improves the current GoPro user experience.

As if that’s not cool enough, additional features include more than 40 included professional filters and effects, independent color grading controls for contrast, saturation, gamma and brightness, optical slow motion speed adjustment, live filters preview, Direct GoPro media library access and full control over all GoPro settings and featured.

i4software has chosen Stage 32 to exclusively give fifty of it’s filmmakers an early release of the app, before it is available in the Apple App Store later this month. This select group will have the ability to be involved in research and development of what filmmakers really want to see when filming on GoPro.

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“We developed Prizmia for GoPro for two reasons. One, we absolutely love our GoPro cameras and decided to build a companion app that would do everything we dreamed of doing. Two, we needed to build Prizmia to set the stage for our next app ‘Vizzywig for GoPro’ which will allow users to connect multiple GoPro’s for live switching and live streaming,” said Michael Zaletel, Founder of i4software.

There are currently over 325,000 filmmakers in the Stage 32 network, many who shoot films on GoPro cameras. Stage 32 member and Emmy-Award winner, Katie Damien, recently shot part of her film, Joint Effort, on a GoPro, hired her sound designer through Stage 32, and the film screened at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival. It’s these independent filmmakers that we love and want to give amazing tools to continue to see them excel in shooting on GoPro.

“Prizmia for GoPro will help our filmmaking community take their craft to the next level. Any limitations they had before [when] filming on GoPro are instantly answered by all of Prizmia’s features in the app,” said Stage 32 Founder and CEO, Richard Botto.

To sign up for the opportunity to test the Prizmia for GoPro app for free, click here:

If you part of the filmmaking community and not a member of Stage32, join the movement today!

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