RED Camera Firmware Update: ARC’s Got It!

Adorama Rentals takes pride in keeping up with the latest firmware updates available from every manufacturer we carry. So we’re proud to inform you that our entire stock of Red Camera Bodies have be updated to the latest firmware V5.2.41.
Take a look at some of the changes you’ll find when you pick one of these up from our shop:


  • Added DRAGONcolor2 and REDcolor4 support
  • Added Switchblade UI rich menus
  • Added 4K Broadcast Module support
  • Added Independent monitor LUTs
  • Added ACES proxy view
  • Added Gio Scope (Zone View) exposure tool
  • Added Simplified menu support on REDMOTE
  • Added Lift Gamma Gain (LGG) controls
  • Added In-camera curve editor
  • Added Full height 3:2 format
  • Added RCP API 6.0 support
  • Added Fujinon Cabrio button support
  • Added HDMI 480p50 and 480p60 output modes
  • Added RED Touch 7″ LCD support
  • Added 30Hz refresh for RED Touch 7″ LCD
  • Added H2O OLPF support
  • Added Nikon 200-400mm f/4G AF-S VR II support
  • Added Nikon Nikkor 28mm f/2.8D support
  • Added Sigma 15mm f/2.8 EX DG Diagonal Fisheye for Canon support
  • Added Gio Scope histogram to playback
  • Added support for magnify in HDRx
  • Added lockout of manual and RCP timecode changes while in record
  • Added REDMOTE firmware v9.1.14
  • Added RED Touch 7″ LCD firmware v1.0.2
  • Fix camera freeze using a large custom list
  • Fix turquoise color on startup with REDgamma3
  • Fix intermittent errors with Pro IO attached
  • Fix histogram when ACES is selected
  • Fix blank UI after accepting SLA
  • Fix iris control for Sigma lenses
  • Fix loss of RIG ingest on power cycle
  • Fix camera freeze activating record while in magnify
  • Fix menu dialog bar exit when record mode toggles
  • Fix camera freeze on stop record using indepdendent monitor LUT
  • Fix exposure tool when ISO changes
  • Fix firmware upgrade notification for RED Touch 7″
  • Fix clearing of prefix/suffix when using keyboard
  • Fix loss of take info after changing scene
  • Fix dialog bar with auto-hide menus enabled
  • Fix PL auto-detect on restart
  • Fix Gio Scope indicator in playback bottom bar
  • Fix default behavior of monitor flip metadata
  • Improved lens detection on startup
  • Fix HD-SDI output to use unrestricted output with ACES enabled
  • Fix inability to stop recording in external record mode
  • Fix color temperature preset to reset tint setting when applied
  • Fix centering of touchscreen selftest pattern with RED Touch 7 Inch LCD
  • Fix playback error in master/slave configuration
  • Fix monitor output at 6K HD with 4K Broadcast module
  • Fix UI after changing monitor display and overlay modes
  • Fix possible encode overflow in saturated areas
  • Fix camera freeze importing Dragon preset to Epic camera
  • Updated in-camera help files

  • The horizon feature requires Gyro calibration be completed prior to use.
  • You must black shade an EPIC DRAGON or SCARLET DRAGON after upgrading it.
  • Use camera brain HD-SDI and Sync ports for 3D work
  • Do not 3D sync when GEN ICON is yellow
  • Camera powered by RED BRICK may display voltage instead of battery capacity on some cameras.
  • EVF black level raised in some cases. Use Shadow adjustment as required.
  • Image Magnify is available during preview only
  • HD-SDI is True Progressive and does not support 1080i or 1080 PsF signal formats.


Are you as excited as we are to run one of these babies with these new firmware capabilities? Why not place an order today and test them out for yourself?

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