Spotlight: BarFly 200D

The Kino Flo BarFly 200D is likely the most powerful, small light you’ll find on the market.  Its Quad lamp technology offers a light output equivalent to a 500W tungsten softlight, uses only 1 amp of power, weighs less than 8 lbs.  It’s much brighter than a Mini-Flo and is about half the size of a Celeb. BarFly 200D Photometrics In late July we posted a couple of videos featuring Kino Flo president and founder, Frieder Hochheim, where he explains that the name BarFly comes from the first film he shot utilizing all, of what was to be later known as, Kino Flo lights.  Because of their portable size, these lights are perfect for adding a detailed look to your film.  They’re great for those instances where you’re working close to a subject and need that extra soft glow that only a Kino can provide.  As with all Kino Flo lamps, the BarFly needs no diffusion.  Its versatility and small size allows you to use it for just about any scenario.  Whether you are shooting a close-up on your protagonist, a dolly shot down a hallway or doorway.

The BarFly 200D can be mounted in the same manner as any Kino Flo product, making it perfect for both studio use and in small spaces when on location.  However, you should take note that though it is extremely portable, it is not battery operated; so access to power should be considered when location scouting.  It can be easily mounted on a stand with baby pins, or mounted inconspicuously to a wall.  You can use the handles to Hollywood a shot without getting in the way of camera or sound crew.  It’s also dead quiet and flicker –free so no worries there.

We carry six (6) BarFly 200Ds at ARC which come equipped with a gel frame and egg crate.  The egg crate is great for directing its soft light towards your subject and prevents it from spilling onto adjacent object.  One of their best features are its bulb-select ability plus dimming on each head.  This means you can turn on just one bulb or all and further control the intensity of the lamp to be as bright or dim as you need.

And they’re not only useful to filmmakers, photographer and artists can use them for their projects as well.  They’re great for portraits and headshots.  You can easily use one BarFly 200D as a Key light and another as a fill, it has that much range.  Best of all, because they are small and lightweight, you can easily carry two kits just about anywhere.  Artists have used them for still-lifes and figure drawing because of its beautifully soft, artistic glow.  All in all, a choice and extremely versatile light.

What have you used the Kino Flo BarFly 200D for?

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