Spotlight: The Joker Alpha 1600

New inventory in our Lighting Department:

The Joker Alpha 1600  (manufactured by K5600 inc)

At 1600W, the Alpha 1600s output is comparable to that of 6000W of traditional quartz fixture output. The Alpha 1600 uses a composite quartz reflector, which can withstand extreme heat and be placed directly beside the lamp.  This  enables the Alpha 1600 to be burned straight down without worry about damaging any part of the fixture.

The Alpha 1600 includes a permanently installed piece of borosilicate, which gives a hard light effect with crisp, hard shadows.  When using the easily installed Fresnel lens, you get a traditional Fresnel effect that’s perfectly controllable and provides a focusing range of 5 to 60 degrees.

The Alpha 1600 is compact and lightweight, comparable to traditional 1200W fixtures.



Lamp: 1600 Watt CSR/SE daylight single ended discharge, 5600 Kelvin, 700 hours maximum life.
Housing: Aluminum billet, high temperature black
Socket: G22, highly insulated for hot retsrike
Safety Glass Beaker: Borosilicate UV filter tempered
Accessory Size: 10 5/8” Speedring

Electronic Powe Supply: square wave, flicker free; AC input: 90-265V; 50 or 60Hz.  Fan cooled; 50% dimmable; Output Frequency selector
Connectors: Veam quarter-turn quick locking.
Extension Cable: 25 foot shielded; nine feet attached to the head

Yoke: Steel; black high temperature finish. Large handle and large disc brake area for use with
Lightbanks, SpeedRings, Louvers and Lanterns.
Mounting/Grip Equipment: Dual size yoke foot – Baby pin (5/8”) and Junior



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