ARCommunity #FF: Alessandro “Panda” Lopes, Creator – City of Hope, web series

It’s #FollowFriday and this week’s #FeaturedFilmmaker is Alessandro “Panda” Lopes, creator of a web series called City of Hope.  The series is a fictional depiction of a true story taken from the points of view of the four main characters who have been thrown into the dark world of the human trafficking trade.  The story […]

Canon 5D Mark III vs. Blackmagic Cinema Camera

OneRiver Media has an useful comparison video out comparing graded, simultaneously-shot footage out of the Canon 5D Mark III and the new Blackmagic Cinema Camera. In many ways these cameras couldn’t be more different. Comparing a stills camera with video to a digital cinema camera might seem unfair, except that the cameras are practically the […]

Canon 5D Mark III vs. 5D Mark II Video Test: Moiré, Rolling Shutter, Dynamic Range, High ISO

We took Canon’s newest full frame pro DSLR, the 5D Mark III, and compared it to its predecessor, the 5D Mark II, which revolutionized the filmmaking world upon its release almost four years ago. In these real world tests, we compared: moiré patterns rolling shutter (the dreaded “jello effect”) during pans high ISO performance a […]