Robert Rodriguez Says I’m Lazy

I’ve been reading the Robert Rodriguez book “Rebel Without a Crew” and I am feeling both excited and depressed. The guy grew up with many siblings (10 if I remember correctly). His father, a salesman, bought a video camera to enhance his business. Robert started shooting his family and everything else within a 12” radius, […]

On Meeting Joe McNally

It would not be an understatement to say that I taught myself how to shoot by poring over the work of Joe McNally, James Stanfield, Sam Abell, and David Alan Harvey. I was exposed to their work through my grandparents’ collection of National Geographic magazines. (This was in the late 1980s, when Joe had just […]

An Argument Against Formulas (Or Why Scott Myers is My New Hero)

With a single blog post, Scott Myers, has become my screenwriting hero. I’ve cringed, for years now, as I’ve watched my fellow writer and filmmaker friends fall prey to book after book of screenwriting and filmmaking propaganda. And while I don’t believe everything these books say is absolute rubbish, I have to agree with Scott when he explains: […]

Make Your Movie: Notes On Directing

As a director there are a million things going through your mind while in production. You oversee every aspect of the film, even if you don’t have a hand in making each happen. You should approve every detail along the way. There’s a lot of pressure there. You might even start to doubt yourself. Luckily, there […]

ARC Picks of the Week – ProductionHUB, FilmmakerMag, Snowflakes, Chernobyl Photographs & more.

Check out this interview from with AdoramaPro’s Kevin Reagan at the CCW Convention earlier this month.  A much appreciated shout out to ARC’s growing Digital Cinema Department. DIY:  Russian Photographer Alexey Kljatov shows us How to Photograph Snowflakes.  I wonder if any of our readers have a different technique they use to capture snowflakes with […]

ARC Picks of the Week – 11/18

Check out some of these great informative articles we have for you this week. The first is Filmmaker Magazine’s Introducing 8K:  The Final Frontier? where Kaleem Aftab compares “Keeping apace with camera technology” to “running a race where the finish line keeps on moving.” In Books, Fractured Atlas Blog recommends Crowdfunding for Filmmkers as their November […]

Story Telling and Photography

Telling stories is part of life. Whether you do it for a living, or not... Alain Resnais, French director and avid storyteller, had a very unique way of conveying narrative. His book, Repérages, published in the 70s showed us just that.