5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting Your Photography Business

With the decline in cost for quality camera bodies and equipment, we’ve seen an increase in emerging talent. Unfortunately, there has also been an equal amount of increase in photography related businesses. From portrait and wedding photography to street and documentary photography, it seems there is a new photographer born every day. However, if you really […]

Your Online Photography Portfolio: What NOT To Do

Congratulations! You’ve ventured on a fabulous career in the photo industry.  The first thing your clients will want to know is “How good are you? Really.” So, naturally, you direct them to your online photography portfolio. But wait! Are you sure you want to do that? There are many aspects of a portfolio’s design that will actually turn clients […]

7 Fashion Photography Tips to Help You Break into the Industry

Fashion Week is over but the fun has just begun, If you’re an aspiring Fashion Photographer, this post is for you. When making a break into the Photo Industry, be it fashion photography or no, there are certain aspects of your career that are common sense, a few that are more about being in the […]