What Is ACES?

Last year, the American Society of Cinematographers and the Producer's Guild of America orchestrated a follow up to 2009's Camera Assessment Series with the Image Control Assessment Series. Unlike a shootout where the relative strengths and weaknesses of the selected cameras were pitted against one another, ICAS was an attempt to unify the different camera systems under a single workflow: the Academy Color Encoding System, or ACES.

The Cinema EOS Gambit: Report from the Canon/Adorama Presentation

It’s easy to forget how recently film lorded over the Hollywood; how absolute, how unquestionable it’s dominance as the medium of choice. Sure, digital was convenient, and certainly there was that mysterious theoretical crossover point at which image quality could uncannily pass the Turing test of a trained DP’s eye, for film. But there was […]

Canon Digital Cinema Event from Adorama

This coming Tuesday, join Adorama and Canon for an in depth Presentation by Larry Thorpe, Senior Fellow of the Professional Engineering & Solutions Division of Canon USA, Inc., on the Cinema EOS cameras, including the newly announced C500, C100, 1DC, as well as the C300. The presentation will be followed by hands on time on the full Cinema Family products, CINE lenses (Primes […]

ARC @ NAB 2012: Canon C500, 1D C & 4K Monitor

  Adorama Rental Co’s Miguel Goodbar meets with Canon’s Chuck Westfall to discuss the new 4K flagship cinema camera, the EOS C500, EOS 1D-C 4K cinema DSLR, new compact cinema zoom lenses and concept 4K display. We find out who these cameras are aimed at, where the 1080p C300 fits in the range, and why […]

Filmmaker Essentials: Roger Deakins’ Forum

There is no shortage of self-appointed authorities online, and the world of DPs/Cinematographers is no exception. Besides the ceaseless flood of opinion generated by forum junkies, there are literally thousands of sites and blogs (like the one you’re reading), devoted to doling out advice, reviews, techniques, and generally holding forth in a near-constant stream. At […]

Breaking Canon launches C300 Digital Cinema Camera

Few, if any, announcements this year were as eagerly anticipated in the film world as Canon’s November 3rd unveiling of a “historic” project at Paramount Hollywood. Canon pulled out all the stops, with film luminaries like Robert Rodriguez, JJ Abrams, and Ron Howard in attendance, and Martin Scorsese himself speaking about how small but capable […]