Canon 7D Firmware Update 2.0.0 Live!

Canon has released its impressive firmware update, now available for download on its site. The feature list includes: higher maximum burst rate (130* for JPEG Large/Fine and 25* RAW images) for continuous shooting definable maximum limit for ISO Auto compatibility with the GPS Receiver GP-E2 manual audio level adjustment faster scrolling of magnified images quick […]

Apples to Apples? Zacuto’s Great Camera Shootout, 2011 and Beyond

The third episode of the epic Great Camera Shootout 2011 Trilogy has landed. Bringing together a wide array of cameras, from the top end of the pro market to the prosumer, Zacuto has performed a valuable service, in the most thorough head-to-head camera test ever performed. The cameras included in the test include the Sony F35, Sony […]