Arri Alexa SUP 11.0 Firmware Update

Check out the latest features from the new, highly anticipated, Alexa SUP 11.0. This is the latest firmware upgrade to hit our Arri Alexa fleet. All Alexa bodies in house are currently updated to this firmware and and ready for our customers to test-drive. ALEXA Software Upgrade Packet 11.0 includes: ARRI’s New Debayer Algorithm ADA-5represents a great […]

World’s Fastest Camera Shoots 4.4 TRILLION Frames Per Second

Researchers in Japan have developed a motion picture camera that can take 4.4 trillion frames per second — making it the fastest camera in the world. (via) The technique, known as a Sequentially Timed All-optical Mapping Photography, or STAMP for short, shuns the conventional methods employed by other superspeed cameras to achieve results up to […]

ON SET: A New Series with AdoramaPro on AdoramaTV

For those of you following Adorama on YouTube and via Eventbrite, you may have noticed a new series of events offered by AdoramaPro called ON SET. Much like their “Pro Days”, ON SET features the latest gear on the market, however with this series you also get hands-on tutorials in a realistic “on set” scenario.  For […]

More Camera Simulators

As we mentioned in a previous post, Arri created a camera simulator for the Alexa to help renters and potential buyers as well as students and aspiring filmmakers to familiarize themselves with the menu/button layout without needing a camera on hand. That’s all well and good if you’re interested in the Alexa. But what if you […]

Cinepeds Are Here!

Adorama Rentals is now officially a supplier of the Cineped Tripod System. This kit comes with the Quattro legs and the slider. The slider can fit any Mitchell, 150mm or 100mm tripod head and the system can support a load up to 95lbs, in other words, any camera package we carry. Their website lists the following features: […]