On Color: Its Role in Cinema and Filmmaking

How much do we know about color? Typically it’s what we learned in school: primary and secondary colors, complementary colors, warm and cool tones, etc. But in photography and video, color can do much more than that. We can add an emotional layer to a scene, story, or picture through colors. I’ve always liked the […]

Basic Camera Techniques for Photo-to-Video Shooters

Film, like many other visual arts, is a two-dimensional medium that attempts to trick the viewer into perceiving a three-dimensional space. Decisions like where to put the camera, which lenses to use, and even the aperture used to increase or decrease the depth of field will all have a significant effect on how the viewers perceive a character’s behavior. […]

#TBT: The Matrix (Wachowski/1999)

“You can stop waiting for the future of movies. It’s already here. Someday, 1999 will be etched on a microchip as the first real year of 21st-century filmmaking. The year when all the old, boring rules about cinema started to crumble. The year when a new generation of directors—weaned on cyberspace and Cops, Pac-Man and […]

#TBT: Oldboy (Park/2003)

With the remake set to be released next weekend I thought it fitting that we explore and revisit the elements that make Chan-wook Park’s Oldboy such a masterpiece.  For starters, cinematographer, Chung-hoon Chung’s use of lighting is phenomenal in this film. He maintains a consistent air of eeriness throughout the piece which evokes a sense […]

ARCoverage: What I Learned From the London Screenwriters’ Festival 2013

1.  There is more than one way to get your film made.  There are hundreds of resources no matter where you live in the world.  Seek them out! 2.  A good screenplay is a great start, but it’s the relationships you make with your peers within the industry that will get your film made in […]

#TBT: The Red Balloon (Lamorisse/1956)

Le Ballon Rouge (The Red Balloon) is one of my favorite childhood films.  I used to watch this film on VHS with my family quite often.  What attracted me to this beautiful tale was, of course, the fantasy about having something as simple as a red balloon come to life.  Written and shot in the […]

#TBT: The Conformist (Bertolucci/1970)

This week’s #throwbackthursday pays tribute to one of the greatest and visually striking films of the century, Il Conformista/The Conformist directed by Bernardo Bertuolucci.  But lets face it, the artistry in this film comes from cinematographer, Vittorio Storaro, whose brilliant vision carried the film to its critical acclaim.  If you haven’t yet seen this film, stop reading […]

ARC @ NAB 2012: Angenieux Optimo 28-340mm T3.2, 19.5-94mm T2.6, & Optimo Servo Unit

  Miguel Goodbar of Adorama Rental Co. talks with Jean-Marc Bouchut of Thales Angenieux about the new PL-mount cinema lenses optimized for 5K video, including the Optimo 28-340 T3.2 and the Optimo 19.5-94 T2.6, as well as the Optimo Servo Unit for zoom and iris control for run-and-gun shooting. Jean-Marc also shares some of the […]

The Cineslider arrives at ARC, slides it’s way into your heart

ARC is proud to announce that the “Cineslider” by KESSLER CRANE is now available for rental. Until recently we’ve only offered the “Glidetrack” for the most simple of movements for HDSLR video. It still has it’s place and is perfect for transportation, but the “Cineslider” will deliver more precise movements with several different mounting options. […]