ARCommunity: Can We Talk About 5Pointz?

It’s been a couple of weeks since the notorious white-washing of the 5pointz building took place.  Since then I’ve had some time to contemplate and think about what this means to photographers and filmmakers in NYC.  Though I haven’t been to 5pointz myself since I heard the news, many street artists and 5pointz supporters have […]

ARCommunity #FF: Jack Belisle, Young Reporter from Mamaroneck, NY

A few weeks back a young man by the name of Jack Belisle contacted be via our “Get Featured” page here on ARCblog.  It didn’t take long for me to see the great potential he has in all that he does.  When I finally met him in person it was like meeting a good friend […]

ARCommunity #FF: Taina Elena Hernandez, Writer/Director for Chances Are

Our first #FF Featured Filmmaker is a very talented actress and friend, Taina Elena Hernandez, writer /director of the upcoming short film Chanced Are. She is accompanied by her DP, Sean Sawyer and producer, Ron Rodriguez.