Spotlight: Shadowmaker 6K Flicker Box

ARC’s Lighting Department now carries Magic Gadets’ 6K Shadowmaker Flicker Box. The ultimate in light effects controllers. The 6k Shadowmaker is a flicker dimmer that uses a midi system to control 3x20A circuits. It has presets for TV flicker as well as firelight and continuous lightning. It requires three different lights for the system to operate and […]

Spotlight: Nila Boxer / Varsa

I’m happy to bring back our Spotlight series, where we feature an item from our Lighting and Grip Department here at ARC.  This week we take a look at the Boxer and Varsa from Nila. The Boxer is as small as a one by one but has the same light output as an 800W Joker. […]

Spotlight: Dedolight

We’re talking Dedolight this morning.  These small compact lights are great for accenting small details.  They are strong lights with a precise beam. A Dedolight is a little more focused than a Fresnel. It can be spot and flood but as far as the fall off ring from the light, it’s pretty solid. There are […]

Spotlight: AdoramaPro Day w/ Chimera and Formatt HiTech

At this month's Demo Day AdoramaPro orchestrated various video and lighting demos to the attending public. Among those showcased were Chimera's new 30" Beauty Dish and Formatt Hitech's ProStop filters.

ARRI and Chimera Demo Day Thursday 6/21

This Thursday from 1-6pm, ARRI and Chimera Lighting will be taking over the Adorama Pro section of our retail store demoing their latest gear and answering any user questions. ARRI’s LoCaster portable low-temp LED and new L7-C full spectrum LED fresnel will be some of its highlighted products. Chimera’s Octa 2 collapsible beauty dish and snapgrids will be […]

Highlight Tech: Mole-Richardson 2K Spacelite

Check out the recently arrived Mole-Richardson 2K Spacelite, an extremely versatile and powerful lighting tool! An open ended, omnidirectional, cylindrically-shaped soft box, this Tungsten light has a seemingly limitless number of applications, limited only by the imagination of the DP or photographer. Most commonly, the 2K version is used as a big omnidirectional light to […]