Make Your Movie: Regardless

As filmmakers we are, by default, ingrained with a sense of passion for the work we do. Both on-set and off, we push ourselves harder than the average working stiff. It is this passion, I believe, which sets us apart from the rest of society. Bump into a fellow filmmaker at an unassuming location and […]

ARCoverage: A Hands-On Experience @ Photoville

It has been great fun attending this year and even more so being able to share the festival with my fellow image-makers.  I certainly can’t wait to get back into the mix of it all tomorrow when the container doors open once again.  But just to make sure you don’t miss the full experience, here […]

Story Telling and Photography

Telling stories is part of life. Whether you do it for a living, or not... Alain Resnais, French director and avid storyteller, had a very unique way of conveying narrative. His book, Repérages, published in the 70s showed us just that.