Essential App: Set Safety by Pledge To Sarah

The Pledge to Sarah app, designed to boost safety on film and TV sets in memory of Midnight Rider camera assistant Sarah Jones, is now available in the Mac and Android app stores as well as on the Pledge to Sarah website. It was created and crowdfunded by a group of anonymous production crew following […]

How to Fund Your Next Photo Project

Have a great idea for a photo project but have no clue how you can afford it? How about crowdfunding? We all know about Kickstarter and similar sites that allow you to fund your project by asking your friends, family, and even perfect strangers to donate to your cause. However, these sites cater to a huge […]

Is Passion First the Next Step in Crowdfunding?

We’re all familiar with Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Some of us have even used Slated, but Richard Guay, longtime indie producer, wants to change the way we fund films online.  Passion First is “a portal for crowdfunders to truly become investors”.  The idea is simple:  instead of simply donating to a film or project of your choice […]

ARC Picks of the Week – 11/18

Check out some of these great informative articles we have for you this week. The first is Filmmaker Magazine’s Introducing 8K:  The Final Frontier? where Kaleem Aftab compares “Keeping apace with camera technology” to “running a race where the finish line keeps on moving.” In Books, Fractured Atlas Blog recommends Crowdfunding for Filmmkers as their November […]