ARCoverage: Pro Day – Filming Narrative Dialogue – What You Missed

Here’s what you missed at Adorama Pro’s Live Pro Day Event on May 8th.  We covered much ground during this event overall, but what I’m going to talk about is the Lighting Setup Daniel Norton used for this shoot; an aspect of filmmaking many overlook and very few fully understand. The actors, Sharina and Andy, arrived promptly […]

Free Demo on Adorama Pro Day: Filming a Narrative Dialogue – May 8th

Stop by on May 8th for a FREE demo on how to LIGHT, SHOOT and RECORD AUDIO for a narrative film. What: LIVE DEMOS! Filming a Narrative DialogueWhen: Thursday May 8th, 90 Minute Demos at 2pm and 4pmWhere: Adorama Pro, 42 West 18th, NYC – Store LevelRSVP:“Filming a Narrative Dialogue” will include how to: […]

#TBT: Pulp Fiction (Tarantino/1994)

What makes a film a “hit”?  For a movie like Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction the answer is simple. “It was a response to the big studio films of the late 80s [and early 90s], mostly. It had heightened dialogue that both sounded like how people actually talked, but also a crazy version where everyone was […]