Traveling with Photography and Video Equipment

I have always been fascinated with how photographers and cinematographers pack their gear. I remember reading the equipment lists of National Geographic photographers when I was younger and wondering how they could crisscross the world with so much stuff. Those times, as you might have noticed, are pretty much over. Nowadays, we need to deal […]

Nikon D810 36MP DSLR: First Look with Adorama Learning Center

REBLOG:  Original article by Mason Resnick on the ALC blog If the Nikon D800 was a major revolution in the world of high-end digital photography, the D810 is an important refinement that makes a great camera even better. As highly regarded as the 800 is, somehow Nikon found ways to make it better. Nikon started […]

Flash Metering Modes Explained

Thought I’d share this very interesting article by Shiv Verma over at- called “Understanding Flash Metering Modes”. “When you use your camera’s metering system, the meter will measure the reflected light from your subject. This is not the case when you use your camera with a flash, either a pop-up or mounted on your camera’s hot […]

Story Telling and Photography

Telling stories is part of life. Whether you do it for a living, or not... Alain Resnais, French director and avid storyteller, had a very unique way of conveying narrative. His book, Repérages, published in the 70s showed us just that.