ARCommunity: Director of Photography, Jon Kline & 551project

As part of our “Get Featured” series with our ARCommunity we spoke with director of photography, Jon Kline, who was executive DP as well as director of photography for a portion of the 551 project. With the help of Flipeleven, 5 bands came together to make 5 music videos in just one weekend. “Everything was donated” […]

Sundance Camera Preferences and the Direction of New Cinema

Earlier this month, Indiewire published their “How They Shot That” list where they inform us of all the the cameras used by the 2015 Sundance Filmmakers. The article listed each film under its corresponding camera, but I was curious to see what this information would look like as an easy-to-read chart that compared, visually, what the top choices of […]

Making of a PSA: Interview with the DP Bryant Fisher and Gaffer Jerred Sanusi

Above: Director of Photography, Bryant Fisher (behind camera) on set of Little Leading Ladies. Image courtesy of Adorama Rentals.  Welcome to part 3 of this five-part blog series co-presented by New York Women in Film & Television and Adorama Rentals.  Kelly La Rosa of Adorama Rentals interviews Bryant Fisher and Jerred Sanusi, respectively Director of Photography and Gaffer on the Little Leading Ladies video. […]

Rent the Sachtler ACE 75mm Tripod System

The Sachtler ACE 75mm, Sachtler’s lightest weight tripod system is available for rental at ARC. OUR KIT INCLUDES: SACHTLER SYSTEM ACE L MID-LVL SPR MS CF SACHTLER ACE BAG SACHTLER SET MID-LEVEL SPREADER ACE SACHTLER PAN BAR ACE SACHTLER ACE CAMERA QR PLATE SACHTLER ACE 75MM 2-STAGE CF TRIPOD   Its newly “re-developed fluid head makes […]

Train Yourself on the Alexa Simulator

As the list of this year’s list of Oscar nominees  will attest, the Alexa really is becoming the go to camera for digital cinema.  Since the Alexa is typically reserved for higher budget productions, it can be difficult to get hands-on time with the camera.  To give budding cinematographers a leg up Arri has released […]

In-depth Comparison: Sony’s PXW-Z100 4K vs PMW-200/300

“In case you haven’t heard, there are 2 new Sony models released to succeed these cameras: the PMW-200 and the PMW-300. These 2 cameras have the same features as their predecessors and more. The largest advantage of the new models is the added recording Codec, now offering 4:2:2 50Mbps recording, up from the 35Mbps of the EX1/3 line. […]

ARCommunity #FF: Laura Hudock, Director of Photography

This week’s Featured Filmmaker #FF is Laura Hudock whom I had the great pleasure of meeting a couple weeks back. ARC:  You rented from us recently. Laura Hudock:   Yes. The equipment rental was for a feature documentary called Jamaica Man.  It’s about an 80 year old eccentric Englishman named Nigel who has lived down […]

ARCommunity #FF: Nathan Blair – Director of Photography for Impasse

This week’s #FeaturedFilmmaker is guest blogger, Nathan Blair, whose own blog caught my attention on twitter.  Nathan worked on a short film titled, Impasse, that my dear friends Jeanne V. Bowerman & Michael Bekemeyer wrote and directed respectively.  It’s an amazing little film that I’m very excited to see released in the very near future. […]

Spotlight: The Joker Zoom Beamer

Photography lights (strobes) have used zoom reflectors for years.  K 5600 Lighting, the company that manufactures HMIs like the Joker 1600, figured out a way to use this same concept and design with continuous light.  The terminology is called a lens-less par and the Joker Zoom 1600 Kit is what you should  look for.  It […]