How to Guide Your Audience: A Masterclass in Storytelling Through Editing

The following article was originally published on by V Renée Read the full article here.   Technology is an important part of filmmaking, as well as something we like to talk about here at No Film School, but when it comes down to it, one, if not the, most integral part of our craft is storytelling. […]

To Watermark or Not to Watermark

There are two schools of thought (obviously) on the use of watermarks.  There are those who believe you absolutely shouldn’t and those who believe you absolutely should.  While both make extremely valid arguments, some folks stand somewhere in between. I don’t care for them very much.  I don’t like looking at them and I never use […]

#TBT: Oldboy (Park/2003)

With the remake set to be released next weekend I thought it fitting that we explore and revisit the elements that make Chan-wook Park’s Oldboy such a masterpiece.  For starters, cinematographer, Chung-hoon Chung’s use of lighting is phenomenal in this film. He maintains a consistent air of eeriness throughout the piece which evokes a sense […]

GoPro Photography

I came across these neat little videos on YouTube with great tips on using your GoPro to take pictures.  The first is a quick 2 minute vid by Kyle Martin on how he uses the GoPro as an every day camera.  The second is a more in-depth video tutorial by Jordan Hetrick, author of How […]