How and When to Use a Graduated ND Filter by AdoramaTV

Graduated Neutral Density filters (aka ND grads) are filters that start of darker on one side, then gradually become clear on the opposite side. They are relatively easy to use, however, the key to these awesome inventions is in knowing when to use them. Ken Rockwell has a very detailed and comprehensive post on his blog […]

Prizmia: Essential New App for GoPro Filmmakers

Calling All GoPro Filmmakers! We know you love GoPro as much as we do, but have you ever imagined doing so much more with it but were limited by its current features? In comes i4software, the creators behind FastCamera, to change all that. What’s more, I was recently contacted by Amanda Toney, Managing Partner at with an […]

11 Cinematographers You Should be Following on Instagram

“Cinematographers don’t get much glory, but without their eye, their expertise and their dedication to visual excellency, our movies and TV shows would look a lot less interesting. They determine the shots, set the mood and turn the everyday into the extraordinary. We rounded up some of the most celebrated cinematographers of the last few […]

Check Out Our New Tiffen Filters

We added some new Tiffen filters in our inventory. Get to know these great new additions yourself!   Tiffen 4×5: 80A – Increases color temperature from 3200-5500 degrees Kelvin  80C – Balances daylight film for use with 3800-5500K lights 80D – increases color temperature from 4100K to 5500K. Primarily used to remove extreme orange or […]