6 Snow Day Photo Tips for Better Winter Portraits

With all the snow coming our way, I thought it appropriate to look up some relevant photo tips you can use this winter when taking portraits in the snow. The following are 6 tips from various sources compiled here for your enjoyment and education: 1. EXPOSE PROPERLY Check out this video from Photographer Tony Northrup […]

5 Tips to Improve Your Images This Summer (or Any Season)

We’ve shared many tips with you on this blog but this one is the big one. The one that should be at the top of your list at all times. It has nothing to do with gear, lenses, camera settings or even lighting. Ready? The most important photography tip to improve your images this summer as […]

Profoto B1 Demos by AdoramaTV

We here at ARC are very excited about the recent arrival of Profoto‘s amazing new B1 500 Air TTL wireless strobes! We think these new strobes are going to revolutionize workflow for anyone who works events, weddings and even fashion. With no cables to worry about and the ability to adjust power from the air remote […]

Flash Metering Modes Explained

Thought I’d share this very interesting article by Shiv Verma over at- Digital-Photography-School.com called “Understanding Flash Metering Modes”. “When you use your camera’s metering system, the meter will measure the reflected light from your subject. This is not the case when you use your camera with a flash, either a pop-up or mounted on your camera’s hot […]


Be the first to try out the new PROFOTO B1  500 AIR TTL  OFF-CAMERA FLASH (W/CANON REM0TE) First Day $60 Add. Day $55 Weekend $65 Week $180   DETAILS: We call the B1 an off-camera flash because it is not a speedlight and it is not a monolight.  It is a new kind of flash that […]