Attention Filmmakers: Stop Using Your Histogram… Incorrectly

A few month’s ago we posted a couple of informative videos on understanding your histogram, what it is and why you should use it to capture better still images. Well, here are a couple more videos for you by Indie Cinema Academy urging filmmakers to stop using their histograms…. incorrectly, of course. It’s host, Ryan E. Walters, explains […]

BMPCC Firmware Update 1.9.3

Great new update for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera fans: Firmware update 1.9.3 from Blackmagic Design has recently added a histogram feature.  This is great news as it was a feature we’ve truly needed. Time remaining and audio level indicators have also been added which are both quite handy. Although, if you want good audio with […]

The Histogram: A Visual Representation of Light and Color

It’s sure to happen to the best of us.  You’re out on the field shooting and check your camera’s LCD to make sure the image you just captured was a good one.  Looks okay to you at the time but when you get your files back to the studio for editing you realize they’re all […]