Spotlight: Astra™ 1×1 Bi-Color Litepanels

We now carry the new Astra™ 1×1 Bi-Color Litepanels. They are brighter and better in every way to the old 1x1s. They are cheaper to rent with a lower replacement cost.  You also have the option of adding the DMX panel which allows the head to run even brighter. There are 4 kits available at ARC: […]

Video: On-Camera LED Lighting

  Daniel Norton of Adorama Pro Imaging guides us through some popular choices for portable on-camera LED lighting options for events, interviews and other scenarios demanding lightweight, energy efficient and portable continuous lighting solutions. Daniel discusses the: Litepanels MicoPro 5600K Dimmable LED Litepanels Croma fully dimmable LED Light with Bi-color blending 3200-5600K Rosco Litepad Kit […]