Tips and Tricks for Hybrid Photographers via Sigma Photo

I recently shot and wrote for a two part blog series with Sigma. For the video/photography portion of the posts, I had to write the scripts, shoot stills and videos, record soundscapes, tweak sound, edit and grade everything. It was literally a one-man crew project. It was a wild experience but an extremely rewarding one. […]

How and When to Use a Graduated ND Filter by AdoramaTV

Graduated Neutral Density filters (aka ND grads) are filters that start of darker on one side, then gradually become clear on the opposite side. They are relatively easy to use, however, the key to these awesome inventions is in knowing when to use them. Ken Rockwell has a very detailed and comprehensive post on his blog […]

5 Tips to Improve Your Images This Summer (or Any Season)

We’ve shared many tips with you on this blog but this one is the big one. The one that should be at the top of your list at all times. It has nothing to do with gear, lenses, camera settings or even lighting. Ready? The most important photography tip to improve your images this summer as […]

Tips for Your Photography Business with Peter Hurley & Adorama TV

A few months back we shared a video from the legendary Peter Hurley showing us how to capture amazing headshots.  He recently joined Tamara Lackey for an interview “in this episode of reDefine Show, where Peter shares some smart insight into building your photography business while offering great tips on better portraits.”     What do you […]

Food Photography Tips & Techniques

Food photography is a growing trend.  If you don’t believe it, just hashtag #foodie on Instagram (over 7 million posts and counting).  So it’s no surprise that photographing food has become an artform all its own.  For those of you who are looking to expand your photo career, want to add to your portfolio, or […]

It’s All About the Jaw!

Here’s an oldie but goody for you all.  I came across this video sometime last year and quickly shared it with all my actor, model and photographer friends.  It has some great tips for both photographers and their subjects when taking headshots by the one and only, Peter Hurley, who says “It’s All About the […]