Don’t Miss Our Fall 2014 Holiday Rental Specials

WOW! Take Advantage of these amazing deals for Rosh Hashanah and Sukkos. Pick up between 8AM and 4:45pm on Wednesday, September 24th and return BEFORE 9:30 am on Monday, September 29th and get a 5 day rental for the WEEKEND RATE. In October, Pick up between 8am and 3pm on Wednesday, October 8th and return BEFORE 9:30 am on […]

Why a Set Photographer Is the Biggest Asset To Your Film

You can have the best script, director, cinematographer and a star cast but none of that will matter if your film isn’t marketable.  How do you make it marketable?  A stellar press kit.  But you can’t create a press kit without amazing photos to show the public what a great little film you’ve made. Many […]

Why Are Movie Posters So Terrible Now?

Is it just me, or are movie posters getting worse and worse every year? It used to be that I enjoyed my morning walk through the NYC Subway stations to see what was new at the cinema.  But now?  I find myself spending more time critiquing the awful, and often sloppy, Photoshop jobs being passed […]

Thanksgiving Rental Special Promotion

Save The Date! Special Starts November 27th! This email was sent to you by Adorama. Did your email system mangle this newsletter? See it Online. Shoot like a pro without spending like one!       DSLR CAMERAS & LENSES                               […]