Make Your Movie: How Do You Know Your Script Is Ready For Pre-Production?

We’ve talked about getting your script started, working through that second draft, what you should look for when acquiring a script, and even how to get started with pre-production. But if you’re a writer/director-type, like most of us are, how do you know for sure that the script you’ve been working on is ready to be […]

Make Your Movie: 10 Steps to Tackle the Big Bad Second Draft

Congrats! You wrote a script! That’s great news and a big deal. The bad news is: you’re just getting started. There is so much more work to do now. After all, “writing is rewriting”. Every writer knows that. Unfortunately not everyone knows how important to the screenwriting process the second draft really is. It’s a lot […]

An Argument Against Formulas (Or Why Scott Myers is My New Hero)

With a single blog post, Scott Myers, has become my screenwriting hero. I’ve cringed, for years now, as I’ve watched my fellow writer and filmmaker friends fall prey to book after book of screenwriting and filmmaking propaganda. And while I don’t believe everything these books say is absolute rubbish, I have to agree with Scott when he explains: […]

Make Your Movie: Regardless

As filmmakers we are, by default, ingrained with a sense of passion for the work we do. Both on-set and off, we push ourselves harder than the average working stiff. It is this passion, I believe, which sets us apart from the rest of society. Bump into a fellow filmmaker at an unassuming location and […]

10 Podcasts Every Screenwriter Should Follow

I’ve recently discovered that podcasts are useful for more than just expanding your musical palette (I know, I know. Late to the party as usual) and that there are a surprise amount of podcasts out there which cater to as many individual needs as there are people. The following is a list (the first of many […]

How 3 Famous Screenwriters Got Their Big Break

Aline Brosh McKenna …was working in the publishing industry and unsuccessfully attempting to get her stories in various magazines.  She took an NYU screenwriting course where her fellow classmates dubbed her work as “too mainstream”.  Luckily, these same scripts caught the attention of an agent who recognized the market value of her work.  She’s best known […]

#TBT: A Look at Stanley Kubrick’s Innovative Screenplay Format

Many are familiar with Stanley Kubrick‘s disturbingly shocking films, 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), The Shining (1980) and Full Metal Jacket (1987) to name a few.  But did you know he was quite the innovator when it came to the screenplay format. We’re all familiar with the conventional screenplay format.  Here’s a page from Kubrick’s […]

Make Your Movie: Screenwriting – The First Draft

It all starts with the script. Whether you are a director, producer, gaffer or cinematographer, we all know that the start of any collaborative effort starts with the all important script.  Changes will always be made and though (unfortunate as it may be) the script is never the end all say all to a film, […]

ARCoverage: What I Learned From the London Screenwriters’ Festival 2013

1.  There is more than one way to get your film made.  There are hundreds of resources no matter where you live in the world.  Seek them out! 2.  A good screenplay is a great start, but it’s the relationships you make with your peers within the industry that will get your film made in […]