Make Your Movie: How Do You Know Your Script Is Ready For Pre-Production?

We’ve talked about getting your script started, working through that second draft, what you should look for when acquiring a script, and even how to get started with pre-production. But if you’re a writer/director-type, like most of us are, how do you know for sure that the script you’ve been working on is ready to be […]

Making of a PSA: Interview with Writer/Director Aubrey Smyth

Above: Writer/Director Aubrey Smyth (center) works with the young actors on the set of Little Leading Ladies. Photo courtesy of Gingersnap This is the first installment of a five-part series co-presented by New York Women in Film & Television and Adorama Rentals.  Intro: When fellow NYWIFT member Aubrey Smyth shared her idea to create a PSA inspired by […]

How 3 Famous Screenwriters Got Their Big Break

Aline Brosh McKenna …was working in the publishing industry and unsuccessfully attempting to get her stories in various magazines.  She took an NYU screenwriting course where her fellow classmates dubbed her work as “too mainstream”.  Luckily, these same scripts caught the attention of an agent who recognized the market value of her work.  She’s best known […]