World’s First Zeiss Otus Short Film

When we here at ARC first encountered the Zeiss Otus 55mm f/1.4 lens the first reaction was shock at both the size and the price! All of these reservations fell away when we first got to shoot with it. The consensus was a) it’s a perfect, no compromise lens and b) it would make for great […]

ARCommunity #FF: Keith Johnson, Writer/Director/Producer of “Fixation”

Keith Johnson is a junior Television-Radio major and the recipient of the Park Scholarship, a full scholarship that covers more than my total cost of attendance to Ithaca College. This summer he shot, Fixation, a short film written, directed and produced by Keith. In his short years he’s produced many different projects, from award-winning PSAs to […]

#TBT: The Red Balloon (Lamorisse/1956)

Le Ballon Rouge (The Red Balloon) is one of my favorite childhood films.  I used to watch this film on VHS with my family quite often.  What attracted me to this beautiful tale was, of course, the fantasy about having something as simple as a red balloon come to life.  Written and shot in the […]