Make Your Movie: How Do You Know Your Script Is Ready For Pre-Production?

We’ve talked about getting your script started, working through that second draft, what you should look for when acquiring a script, and even how to get started with pre-production. But if you’re a writer/director-type, like most of us are, how do you know for sure that the script you’ve been working on is ready to be […]

ARCoverage: The 8 Sequence Structure

There were a few things that kept coming up in all the talks, panels and classes I attended at the London Screenwriters’ Festival.  One of these was the idea of the 8 Sequence Structure.  Most writers and filmmakers are familiar with the 3 Act Structure, among them the majority know about turning points and midpoints, […]

Make Your Movie: Development – What Producers Should Look For in a Script

As filmmakers we’re always looking for our next big project.  Whether you are a Producer, Director, Independent, Professional or Student; thinking about what we’ll be working on next is just as important as our current goal.  However, short of writing a screenplay yourself, it’s just as hard finding a great project as it is getting it […]