ARCommunity: The Quad Cinema – SOLD!?

“DON’T PANIC!” says Paula Bernstein of Indiewire, “The Quad isn’t going away.” “It turns out that Charles S. Cohen, in addition to being the president and chief executive of Cohen Bros. Realty Corp., is also a major supporter of great film, both as a distributor and as a historian.” (Phew!) “The torch has been passed so that the Quad […]

Choosing the Right Projector For Your Needs

A question we get often here at ARC is on the topic of projectors, “I need a projector, which is the best one?” Although this may seem like a good question to ask, what you should really be inquiring is, “How do I choose the right projector for my specific needs?” To this, there are […]

Collaboration: What It Takes To Make Movie Magic

Any successful indie filmmaker can tell you, with the utmost conviction, that you can’t make it in this industry completely on your own. It just doesn’t work that way. You need the support and collaboration of your peers to make a film, a TV/web series or play. It’s a group effort. The director, writer, producer, cast, crew, everyone working together is what makes the magic happen on screen or stage.