Why Camera Movement is (Often) Important

Production Value What’s the point of shooting video if the frame never moves? A sequence of locked off shots is really not all that different from a slide show and does not take advantage of one of the most powerful cinematic tools: Motion. Infusing your work with camera movement can often seem like a daunting […]

Quick Photo Tips: When To Use a Tripod

There are three ways your photo can be blurry: either the focus is wrong, the camera moved, or the subject moved. This article deals with how to avoid camera shake. Most of the time, you can simply hold the camera in your hand. Obviously, this is much quicker, and gives you time to grab a shot of […]

Rent the Sachtler ACE 75mm Tripod System

The Sachtler ACE 75mm, Sachtler’s lightest weight tripod system is available for rental at ARC. OUR KIT INCLUDES: SACHTLER SYSTEM ACE L MID-LVL SPR MS CF SACHTLER ACE BAG SACHTLER SET MID-LEVEL SPREADER ACE SACHTLER PAN BAR ACE SACHTLER ACE CAMERA QR PLATE SACHTLER ACE 75MM 2-STAGE CF TRIPOD   Its newly “re-developed fluid head makes […]