Spotlight: Shadowmaker 6K Flicker Box

ARC’s Lighting Department now carries Magic Gadets’ 6K Shadowmaker Flicker Box. The ultimate in light effects controllers. The 6k Shadowmaker is a flicker dimmer that uses a midi system to control 3x20A circuits. It has presets for TV flicker as well as firelight and continuous lightning. It requires three different lights for the system to operate and […]

Spotlight: Source Four Leko

Source Four is a category of lights by a company called ETC.  Lekos are the most popular light from ETC.  It is an episodal light which essentially means it’s a spot light.  It uses lens elements to focus the light.  There is a parabolic reflector on the back-end which is what helps push most of […]

Spotlight: Dedolight

We’re talking Dedolight this morning.  These small compact lights are great for accenting small details.  They are strong lights with a precise beam. A Dedolight is a little more focused than a Fresnel. It can be spot and flood but as far as the fall off ring from the light, it’s pretty solid. There are […]